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Trusted World wants to help promote your organization to our 500+ other partners.  We know when you sit with your client/student you see many needs. We found a way to assist you with clothing, food, and toiletries. We want to assist you with the other needs that you see.

We are putting together a list of agencies in our network that provide services that you need.  When you are placing an order you will see “Keywords” that represent a need you may be seeing. Click on that keyword and you will see a list of our Network Partners who provide those services.

If you want your organization listed in our directory, please fill out the form below and we will add you to the list.  We hope to be able to present our new directory in the next few months.

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About Trusted World

Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, at no cost, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf.

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