New Partner Portal

Below are instructions on how to use the new Trusted World Partners Portal.  You will receive an email with a new password that will allow you to have access.  We are slowly onboarding our partners as we roll out the new portal.

You will notice that the login block looks a little different. 

Your username will be the same. A letter followed by 4 numbers.

Your new password will be sent to you with the invitation to the new portal.

Once you log in you will notice that you have landed on your account page.

You will see all of your past orders listed here.  If you share this account with others you will see their orders too.

In this release, there are 6 different stages that your order can be in.

Placed, Ready for pickup, Ready for Delivery, On Hold, Delivered and Cancelled.

If you click on the order you will see more details about your order.

This order shows it is ready for pickup. In the details section, you will see all the information about the order.  To the right of that you will see the pickup location, or if it was a delivery, the delivery location.

The status bar and color let you know where your order is.

If you scroll down you will even see the items that are included in the order.

If the order is in the “Placed” stage you will not see what is in the order.

When the order is complete you will see the status bar is full and the background is green. 

Under the status bar you will see that the order was received by Mrs. Caseworker. Her signature is also at the bottom of the details box. The location on the right shows where it was delivered to.

If you scroll down you will also see all the items that were in the order.

To place an order simply click on the Place Order button

When you click on the Place Order button you will have the choice of clothing or food.

Similar to the older version, simply fill in the required fields to help us provide the correct amount of food. The total number of people will automatically add up as you input the number of adults, teens, and children.

In our new system, we no longer have male, female, baby/toddler order forms.

Based on the information provided in this section of the order form we will provide the right selections to choose from.

Once we have established who the order is for we will gather some more information.

The email provided in the contact email section is where to confirmation email will be sent.

This form and questions are very similar to the old ordering system.

As always if there is something that we need to know about the person or order, please place it in the comments section.

Trusted Directory

One of our most powerful tools. This directory links you to all of our network partners. We have noticed that the school counselors and police use this the most. They now have access to hundreds of vetted network partners all arranged by distance to their location.

Once on your account page, you will see the details of your organization.

If the person listed as your primary contact is no longer with your organization or at. your location, please let us know so we can correct it.

Future releases

We do have a few more tools coming soon. 

The ability to run your own reports, print out your orders, and access the Trusted Directory.

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